About Yaz





For the majority of my life I was obese, and at 14 years old I was well over 260 lbs. This led me to issues with anxiety and depression. I knew something had to change. This is when I began seeing a nutritionist who really helped give me structure and learn so much about the foods we put in our body.

2017, I am now a full-time student at SUNY New Paltz. I have received my CrossFit L1 in 2016, and have now been personal training at Kingston Athletics. I am very enthusiastic about nutrition, having been through my own weight loss journey (now down 95 lbs.), I really enjoy helping people on their journey and giving them advice based on my experience.

I work hard everyday in and out of the gym to better myself and thanks to the encouraging environment at Kingston Athletics, I am pushed everyday and continue to surprise myself with my abilities. That is my goal with anyone I work with, I want everyone to work hard and realize they are capable of so much more than they think, just as I leave surprised of what I can do in the gym, I want the same for everyone else.

Kingston Athletics has had such a positive impact on my life. I have never met a group of people more encouraging. I cannot recommend CrossFit enough, if you give it the time and consistency you will have a life-changing experience.

● Crossfit Level 1 Certificate

Yasmine works with group fitness classes, individual program design and personal training clients.